Companies to Watch: 88ships

Key points 88ships is a boutique, white-glove company builder and advisory platform for startups between seed and Series A In addition to co-building and scaling startups, the firm provides access to curated mentors and corporate partners Its focus is on what it defines as high-potential startups, where it can increase the odds of success by … Continue reading Companies to Watch: 88ships

Companies to Watch: Kaazing

Key points Kaazing's specialty is cost-effective, real-time delivery of data, anywhere in the world The company has launched DisasterAWARE Enterprise, a risk intelligence platform that turns hazard data into actionable intelligence enabling private companies to better assess risk from natural and manmade disasters Following a particularly destructive 2017 hurricane season, enterprises are keen to improve … Continue reading Companies to Watch: Kaazing

Companies to Watch: LIKK Technologies

Key points LIKK Technologies offers smart water monitoring for multi-unit buildings, both residential and corporate Insurers pay out $18bn each year in water damages, though LIKK estimates that early detection and action could save 93% of this amount Consumers are typically less aware of the benefits of water-monitoring, so the company targets customers like building … Continue reading Companies to Watch: LIKK Technologies

Companies to Watch: Wi-Charge

Key points Wi-Charge uses infrared technology to wirelessly charge devices, with use cases ranging from smartphones to IoT Built-in intelligence means Wi-Charge can determine the temperature and charge level of devices, and prioritize the ones with the lowest charge Other potential applications include the hospitality industry, smart home and retail Introduction Wi-Charge is an Israeli … Continue reading Companies to Watch: Wi-Charge