Mapbox moves toward maps for machines

Mapbox has signaled the next step in its strategy, with a series of announcements at its developer conference, Mapbox Locate, held in San Francisco on 30-31 May. Highlighting its 1.1 million-strong developer base and the fact that 350 million users touch its maps every day, Mapbox's CEO Eric Gunderson announced at the conference the need … Continue reading Mapbox moves toward maps for machines

Companies to Watch: Mapbox

Key points Mapbox enables real-time updating of mapping and live location data, allowing developers to add maps, search and navigation into their apps. Mapbox partners range across a number of industries, including social media, weather and travel. There are over 1.1 million registered developers on Mapbox's platform, and the company is able to collect over … Continue reading Companies to Watch: Mapbox